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I've gone digital crazy since I took my first sports photos of my son. I enjoy photographing kids playing sports, especially Jacob and his teammates. He played soccer, baseball and basketball and attended UNC Charlotte for 2 years before deciding he wasn't quite ready for the rigors of college. I also have a ECU trained RN (Maggie) and a graduate of UNCW (Reagan) with a major in biology. The head of the household (Kathy) was a guidance counselor at CHS until 2011 when she retired.
I started out doing a little freelancing for the Clayton News-Star and News and Observer and now for High School OT so you might see me on the sidelines at a lot of the local sports events. Pictures I take for them can be found at HSOT.COM . I do eye exams to offset the cost of my hobby.
I've had so many requests for pictures that I decided to make this account a pro account. It simply means you can buy pictures from this website. You can click on "buy photos" at the top of the picture you like and Smugmug will take care of ordering, printing, and shipping pictures to you. I simply don't have time to honor all requests to print a few individual shots. SMUGMUG has been a very reliable and safe website to deal with and there's never any problems getting any printing issues resolved with the labs they deal with.
Once you get involved in this hobby you realize how expensive it can get, the cameras, lenses, memory cards, flashes, batteries, and the web space can add up after a while. When you then include the time it takes to take the pics review and edit them it can get overwhelming. You can to continue to view and and send the links to friends to view your pics and no purchase is required. Some parents seem to appreciate the ability to get pictures at near-professional quality when they may not have the equipment and in some cases ability to get as close to the action as I can working with the media outlets.
You can email me at if you have questions. If you don't want your child's picture posted just drop me a note at the email address or simply make a comment about it in the "add comments" at the bottom of the page of your child's picture and I'll gladly remove the picture.
Consider all pictures copyrighted and not for use for resale or other commercial endeavors unless approved.
I have started making digital downloads available for purchase. The smaller size file is fine for online or mobile apps but if you want to get larger prints the higher resolution file is much better. If you don't see the larger size available then the picture file size is too small and therefore not available in the larger size.

Dean Strickland O.D.
Clayton NC
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